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In THE WILD DIET: Get Back to Your Roots, Burn Fat, and Drop Up to 20 Pounds in 40 Days (Avery, $27.95; Hardcover & eBook; on-sale April 7, 2015), Abel James shows us that the answer to vibrant health doesn’t live in a soul-crushing, calorie-restricted diet, a magical fat-blasting pill, or an exercise program that promises to make you absolutely miserable. The secret is simply sticking to our roots and knowing where our food comes from.

After moving from small-farm New Hampshire to the big city and eating a “modern diet” of supermarket staples, Abel’s health took a turn for the worse: high blood pressure, insomnia, acne, digestive problems, love handles—you name it. Medicine, diet and exercise, weren’t helping and he just kept getting sicker. As his life spun out of control, Abel decided it was time for a change.

Amazingly, by increasing his fat intake and decreasing his reliance on carbs and low-calorie foods, James’ health, livelihood and strength returned. The problem, Abel found, was how we approach and value foods—less is more in our minds. But a restrictive diet isn’t always best; we’re not meant to starve ourselves or count calories. We’re wired to eat and live luxuriously, without getting fat. So after starting with a strict Paleo diet, Abel quickly realized that it was whole foods that worked best. His tested and successful nutrition plan now follows these principles:

Eat plenty of whole and naturally edible foods in naturally occurring quantities. Strict adherence to a specific ideology will only make you hungry, not healthier.

Be skeptical of manipulated, processed, and invented food products. Nature knows best.

Prioritizing foods found in the wild, which return the human body to its optimal fat-burning stage, and reverse the damage done by decades of poor eating.

Eager to share this new diet and nutrition philosophy, Abel created The Fat-Burning Man Show, which has helped thousands of followers achieve spectacular results with his revolutionary meal plans. Complete with recipes and exercise tips, THE WILD DIET will help readers wean themselves off toxic diets and shed unwanted pounds along the way. 


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