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Who Is Abel James?

Abel James is a bestselling author, musician, and outdoor adventure enthusiast. As the number one rated health show in more than eight countries, Abel’s award-winning interview series, Fat-Burning Man, has helped millions reclaim their health with fresh air, cutting edge science, and ridiculously good food.  When his debut cooking app, Caveman Feast, bested The Food Network, Martha Stewart, and even Angry Birds with more than 1,000 5-star reviews in 24 hours, Abel became the first indie publisher ever to hold Apple’s #1 Food App and #1 Health Podcast at the same time.

Abel has keynoted for the federal government, lectured at Ivy League universities, and advised Fortune 500 corporations including Microsoft, Shell, and Lockheed Martin. Creating his own curriculum to study brain science, music, and the outdoors at Dartmouth College, Abel graduated as a Senior Fellow with Honors. He published selections of his research in The Musical Brain, which became a #1 Amazon bestseller.

Hailing from the frosty backwoods of New Hampshire, Abel travels the world with his wife, Alyson, and lives off the grid in the Colorado Rockies.

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